Thankful Thursday: Hubby Love, Puppy Joy, and Job Flexibility

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

1 Chronicles 16:34, NIV

Hey y’all! Let me first say how thankful I am that you all have chosen to join my on my journey here at “Bumbling Beauty”. It has been a joy to write and reflect and encourage through this blog, and I appreciate all the feedback you have provided and kindness you have shown me in this first month of our time together.

Today I am writing the first installment of a sort of series that I’d like to include in the blog: “Thankful Thursday!” Occasionally I’d just like to take a lighthearted moment to share with you some of the things that I am particularly thankful for and that are making this life of mine worth living, which will hopefully encourage and inspire you to count your own blessings too.

First on the list this week is that sweet, sweet husband of mine. Ben and I recently celebrated our third wedding anniversary, and let me tell ya, I don’t know what I’d do without that handsome man. He’s my very best friend in all the world and loves me so well that he taught me how to love myself more. His care for me lifts my soul and warms my heart and makes the hard days easier and the great days even better. I am thankful for the way he stewards our marriage and makes me the best version of myself just because of who he is. I so admire his strength, leadership, humor, playfulness, intelligence, work ethic, and unconditional care for me as his bride.

Next up is the joy I get from watching my silly pup experience joy! We have only had our sweet Irie for about four and a half months, and man have they been happy ones! I’m sure what I’m about to describe is a watered down version of what parents experience when seeing their children do things they love, but I adore watching that silly pup experience joy. I love how he trembles with excitement when Ben and I come home, how he bounces around the house playing fetch, and how he is giddy with glee when we pull out his harness; he knows it’s time for a walk at the park! Watching his little nubby tail wag does my heart good, and in those moments he shares a bit of his joy with me.

Finally, I am beyond thankful for job flexibility. I work for a small nonprofit foster care placement agency as a social worker/case manager. While I’ve only been at this position for a little over a year, I’ve done it long enough to understand the emotional tole working in this kind of role takes, especially on a soft heart like mine. Fortunately, my boss recognizes how hard foster care social work can be and encourages us as her employees to practice self-care and take time for ourselves to recharge when we need. This means that we can set our own schedules and come and go in the office as we please, so I can come in at 7:00 AM or 12:00 PM, leave at 2:00 PM or 6:00 PM, work three days a week or six, whatever it takes for me to get my work done well and also take care of myself. In addition, she has graciously granted us unlimited paid vacation, so we can take extended time for ourselves and with our families whenever we want or need without worrying about compensation, as long as we keep up with our work. This has been SUCH a blessing to me and honestly is one of the major aspects of my job that makes the not-so-fun parts worth it. I love being able to spend time with my family and friends or rest or run errands or whatever I need to do and work when it’s best for me and when I’ll be most productive. I recognize the rarity of my situation and am so thankful for a job and a boss that support this kind of flexibility for employees.

I have SO much more to be thankful for, but that’s it for this first-ever “Thankful Thursday”! What are you thankful for, my friends? Leave a comment below sharing some of the big or small blessings in your life that are bringing you joy or making your days easier so we can celebrate them together!

Excited to bring y’all more of our usual content on Monday, but for now, here’s me sending you into the weekend with some encouragement to thank the Lord, and those around you, for all the good things you enjoy and experience. Til next time, bumble beautifully!

Lovingly Yours,


P.S. Peep my cute hubby and floofy dog on a sweet date we got to take this week. Oh how I love them so!

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