Embracing the Bumble: A Quick Update

Hi all! “Bumbling Beauty” has officially passed the one-month mark, how exciting! I’ve spent the last few weeks since this blog’s inception, well, bumbling around a bit, fittingly enough. I began this journey in hopes that I could share my story in order to be an encouragement to others, to be honest and transparent about the parts of my life that haven’t been pretty or perfect and to celebrate how the Lord has brought immeasurable good out of my personal failures. It’s been a really cool thing to reflect on some of my experiences and seasons of life as I’ve presented them to you, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to do that.  

I’ve also experienced some discouragement as well, to be honest. I think in my head I had dreams that this blog would take off, be liked and shared and put in front of the eyes of lots of people and that others would really feel moved by what I had to say. I knew those hopes were likely futile, but I had them all the same. Over the last weeks, the number of people who have read and followed my blog have already begun to dwindle, my social media followings have come to a halt, and I myself have found less motivation to make time to commit to this venture. However, I still find myself with thoughts and ideas swirling inside my head all the time, things that I want to get down on paper (or a screen, in this case) and put out there for the world to consume.  

After thinking long and hard about what I really desire from authoring this blog, I’ve decided to make a few minor changes. First of all, it is really important to me to provide you with quality content, even if that means the quantity diminishes a bit. I was so eager to get started a few weeks ago and had no patience in wanting to get my initial explosion of content in front of you as quickly as possible. I was cranking out two and three posts in a sitting and spending a lot of time thinking about my aesthetic and creating social media posts and working hard to get things up and running. It was exhilarating! At that point it didn’t feel like I could publish content fast enough, so I committed to releasing two posts per week. But the reality is that I work a really meaningful but emotionally draining full-time job, I have a family that I love and friends that I enjoy spending time with, and a church community that I feel led to pour into. Not to mention a commitment to caring for myself, which in this season of life looks a lot like 8-9 hours of sleep a night and regular exercise, both of which also take up my time. As a result, I feel that it’s important, for now, to reduce my posts to once per week, and sometimes I’ll probably publish even less frequently if life gets a little crazy.  

In addition, I may change up the format of my posts somewhat. I think the personally historical lens that I’ve taken up to this point has been impactful and effective, and I have no desire to abandon it entirely, but I’d also like to take some time and space to just share general lessons I’m learning as I bumble through life, how God is shaping and molding my heart, and how those experiences are influencing the way I move forward. I got a lot of great feedback on my first “Thankful Thursday” post and plan to continue those as well! I’m also looking into scheduling some guest bloggers so that you get a little bit of a break from me every now and again and enjoy a fresh voice and perspective.

To be honest, I struggled a bit with wanting to make these changes so soon in the life of my tiny baby blog, but then I realized, there are no rules here, I can do whatever seems best for me and this publication, and right now, this does feel best. But that’s the beauty in the bumbling! We struggle, we make mistakes, we mess up a little, and then we go back, learn from it, make revisions, and often what comes out of that process is something more beautiful than we could have imagined. That’s what I’m hoping for the future of “Bumbling Beauty”!

As always, I so appreciate your support, encouragement, likes, follows, shares, positive/constructive feedback, and kind words. It can be kind of scary to be vulnerable and wonder how people will respond, and to remember that even if the stats say only one person is reading, that one person is enough to keep going. Thank you for maybe being that one person today, my friend, you are a worthwhile audience and I count it an honor and a privilege to share little bits of my heart with you each week.  

Thank y’all for hanging in there, excited to see what these new changes bring! 

Talk soon.  

Lovingly Yours,  


P.S. Some highlights of the week, because why the heck not? 😊  

One thought on “Embracing the Bumble: A Quick Update

  1. I love reading your posts! You’re absolutely right. This is your space to share your heart and you can post as often or as little as you feel led to do! You’re amazing…thank you for sharing your many talents on this blog. You’re an inspiration!


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