An Apology & An Update

Friends, I am so sorry that I have been MIA since my last post over two weeks ago. Aside from a minimal amount of activity on my socials, I have honestly not put one ounce of effort into the blog for the last half of this month, I all I can offer is my sincerest apology for the neglect. If you read my last post, “Stretched Too Thin”, you might not be surprised to learn that the last few weeks have continued to be overwhelming, and I had to take a few “yeses” off the table so that I could maintain my health and sanity and relationships.

The last two weeks have brought both excitement and struggle; two of our close friends brought their very first son into the world while one of my best friends struggled through her third miscarriage. I have had a sudden explosion of call-backs from jobs to which I’ve applied and have been preparing for and going for interviews (four this week, two next!), and Irie has also had tummy troubles that have kept us worried and busy trying to make him well. I’ve been trying to catch up on paperwork at the office (and have had success!) and have also been trying to rest and spend time with Ben when I can; I miss him when I get busy. All that to say, I just couldn’t do it all, and while I care very much about Bumbling Beauty and the community of readership that has developed over the last few months, it had to be one of the things that sat on the back burner while I handled everything else that was placed on my plate. If it makes anyone feel any better, some other things that took a back seat while I did things like read up on the companies where I had interviews and sat for hours in a coffee shop talking and crying with my grieving friend were my exercise routine, grocery shopping, healthier eating, and cleaning my house, so Bumbling Beauty fell among many important things that just simply wouldn’t fit into my schedule for a brief season.

I also have to apologize because the end of September is upon us and I didn’t quite get everything to you that I promised in this month’s newsletter. Most importantly and unfortunately, I will not be able to bring you the guest blog by Madeline Twooney from Jacob’s Ladder Blog. She was responsible and timely in getting the content to me, but I don’t want to throw it in front of you without proper preparation and promotion of her work and story, so I’m asking for some grace and the opportunity to present that to you in the coming weeks of October. And to Madeline, please forgive my bumble!

Now that I have laid out for you my sincerest apologies and an explanation for my absence, I’d love to give you a quick life update in more detail. As I you know, I have been struggling to figure out the next step in my career; since the last time we touched on the subject in “Career Bumbles: Seeking God’s Guidance in the Midst of Uncertainty”, things have gotten a bit clearer. The situation at my current agency has, unfortunately, taken a turn for the worse, which prompted me to begin more actively seeking alternative employment. I’ve been applying for jobs since early May with not a single call back until about two weeks ago when I got my very first phone interview. Soon after, I had another phone interview for a different job scheduled for the very same day as my first, then an in-person interview, then another phone interview, and another email saying that another job application had passed the initial screening phase and had moved on to being reviewed by a recruiter. It’s been crazy! The wonderful news is that there is one job in particular that has really felt exciting and right to me that would allow me a lot of opportunity and growth, and this is the position for which I’ve already had a phone interview and an in-person interview and have a final in-person interview scheduled for next week – God is so good! Things have been happening so quickly and out of nowhere, which has been a fun (and slightly stressful, ha) surprise. Because I accepted my current position after serving as an intern at my agency for a year, I didn’t really have to go through the application and interview process after grad school, which means this is my first rodeo as far as a sincere job hunt goes. I’ve been researching each company and scouring the internet for interview and salary negotiation tips and making Ben give me mock interviews at our kitchen table and reaching out to social work friends and colleagues for advice, and it has been just short of all-consuming. However, every second has felt totally worth it and I have real confidence that the Lord is preparing me for the next phase of my career in a new and special way, and I cannot WAIT to see where He’s taking me.

To be honest, through, despite feeling very motivated to find a new position elsewhere and excited about these opportunities, I also know and understand that starting a new job at a new company really for the first time as a full-fledged professional will inevitably be challenging and stressful. I know that this won’t necessarily be an easy transition, and each opportunity that I’m pursuing will almost certainly involve a pretty intense learning curve for me. However, I am trusting that God is leading me forward, preparing me for the next step, and will equip me with the knowledge and skills I’ll need to serve my clients well, wherever I end up. I covet your prayers as I go for the final interview for the position I’m really excited about on Wednesday of next week, that the Lord would give me the confidence and words to say to make a positive impression on my interviewer, and that ultimately I would have peace about the outcome, whatever it may be.

As I move into October, it is my hope that things will slow down at least a bit so that I can get back on track with bringing you weekly content once again and more consistent engagement on my social media channels – I really have missed you! Obviously if I get a new job (fingers crossed!) there may be a bit more absence as I spend time learning and adjusting, but I’m hopeful that I’ll do a better job of juggling and balancing everything than I have recently. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience, grace, and understanding, for allowing me the freedom and permission to say “no” or “not right now” when it is right and healthy for me. I encourage you to do the same! Also, since a new month is nearly upon us, I would love to invite you to subscribe to the Bumbling Beauty monthly e-newsletter for exclusive content, special updates, and even free stuff! You can subscribe via the pop-up window when you first arrive at the website or you can email me with a subscription request at

Thank you so much again for reading along, for forgiving my recent absence, and for providing encouraging feedback and sharing posts and content that you love with your communities. Your support means the world to me, and I’m excited to continue this blogging journey with you! Until next week, my friends, bumble beautifully!

With Lots of Love,

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